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Looking for a digital haven where bright neon meets inclusive social norms? In the vast expanse of the internet, finding a space that resonates with your interests and values can sometimes feel like looking for a needle in a cybernetic haystack. Especially if you're looking for communities that celebrate LGBTQIA+ diversity within the gritty, high-tech world of cyberpunks, edgerunners and netrunners. But fear not, intrepid explorer of the digital frontier, we have compiled a compact guide to known LGBTQIA+-friendly instances within the Fediverse and various cyberpunk themed web forums.

Fediverse — Where Cyberpunk Culture Meets LGBTQIA+ Community

Are you searching for a community that combines the futuristic appeal of cyberpunk with a dedication to LGBTQIA+ inclusivity? Look no further! We have handpicked a range of Fediverse instances that incorporate cyberpunk themes and a hospitable environment for LGBTQIA+ individuals. For those who identify with diverse genders and sexualities and have a passion for neon, these communities are sure to become your new online sanctuaries!

CORTEX IMPLANT: A preem Mastodon Instance for Cyber Creatives

It is the perfect hub for cyberpunks involved in RPGs, collaborative coding and music projects, where you can bring your futuristic visions to life among peers who share your passion and respect your identity. Join now and let's create something incredible.

Cortex Implant

Night City Bar: A Diverse Cyberpunk Haven in the Fediverse

For those of you looking for the ultimate online community, we've found a hidden treasure within the giant FED universe. It's the perfect laid-back virtual spot for those who love cyberpunk flair and are committed to LGBTQIA+ inclusivity.

Dive into a Different Kind of Fediverse Experience Unlike the more familiar environment of Mastodon instances, the Night City Bar steps away from convention and welcomes you to a world that's visually distinct and playfully designed. Featuring a Misskey-fork called Iceshrimp, this instance stands out with an interface that's rich in personality and perfectly embodies the capricious spirit of cyberpunk aesthetics.

Night City Bar

Exploring Web Forums: Dive into Cyberpunk Discussions and LGBTQIA+ Topics

Longing for the nostalgia of the old net, when web forums and BBSs reigned supreme? In the shifting digital landscape of Web 3.0, these bastions of the past are becoming rare gems. But deep in the net's recesses, we've unearthed Totentanz.club, a small web forum that not only embraces the neon glow of cyberpunk, but also champions LGBTQIA+ inclusivity.

A true haven for diverse cyber enthusiasts. Totentanz.club harkens back to a time of simpler internet navigation, yet pulses with the heart of modern social narratives. This forum welcomes a vibrant mix of netrunners, edgerunners and chromeheads, all finding solace in a community that honours the spirit of both cyberpunk and LGBTQIA+ friendliness.


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Notable cyberpunks, netrunners, and edgerunners that we have found!

While searching the vast internet for cool cyberpunk themed instances and webboards, we stumbled upon some cool cyberpunks in the Fediverse that we would like to introduce to you.

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Are you running or familiar with a cool instance of Fediverse or web forum? Are you a cyberpunk yourself and active on Fediverse? Would you like to be included in this list? No problem, feel free to send us a brief email at request@cyberpunk.lgbt